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Mass Communication Made Easy

Mass mailing is a very important utility and an indispensable tool for a recruiter. In RecruitX we provide mass mailing functionality for  Candidates, Companies and Vendors. Send mass emails to candidates in a particular Job or part of a particular search result or part of your Hot List. Likewise, you can send mass emails to client contacts from the CRM or broadcast Jobs to vendor contacts from the VMS. You can create your own templates and have one-click email blasts.

Mass mailing for Candidates, Contact, and Vendors

If you want to send any update to more than one candidates in general, candidates in a specific job, company contacts or vendors at a time you can use the bulk email feature to send them an email. All you have to do is select all the people you want to send the email, add your email content and hit the send button! Streamline your communication and save precious time with RecruitX.

You can also schedule mass emails for future dates. This allows you to plan communication activities for a whole or a quarter for your Candidates and Clients.For all executed mass emails you can see detailed reports on Opens, Delivered and Clicked right from within RecruitX

Create & save email templates

If you send out the same type of emails all the time, instead of drafting an email every time you can create a template and use it every time. Template is a great time-saving tool that make mass mailing a breeze and also standardize communication across the company

Attribute based dynamic tags

Dynamics tags make mass mailing even more convenient and effective by personalizing emails. One of the biggest drawbacks of bulk emails is the one-size-fits-all approach. This becomes a problem particularly if the email needs to contain information that needs to change with each recipient (for example, their first name). But with our mass mailing feature you can simply select the relevant tags and insert them in your email content and your recipient will get an email crafted uniquely for them.

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