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Effortless Job Management for Busy Recruiters

Manage all your jobs in one dashboard along with a list of all the active jobs and a bird-eye-view of the jobs pipeline. RecruitX helps busy recruiters like you manage all your jobs in one place and keep track of them as they move through the closure pipeline. Activity-based segregation of candidates for each job also helps in managing those activities to ensure faster closure of jobs.

Job Management 1
jobs overview

Open Jobs Overview

Get a complete overview of all open jobs with details like job code, location, company, employment type, assigned recruiter, candidates, submitted, interviewed and hired and date of job publishing. Sort jobs based on any of these attributes.

Add New Jobs

There are four ways you can add jobs in RecruitX –

1. Clone an existing job
2. Import job using a job description file
3. Paste job description text
4. Fill out all new job fields manually

In the options 2 and 3 the file or text you add will be parsed by the system and job fields will be filled automatically.

Add new jobs
job pipeline filtering

Pipeline Based Filtering

Easily filter jobs based on job status such as  Open, On hold, Cancelled, Closed-lost and Closed-won.

Job Details With Action Items

Get job details, hiring team details, details of candidates added and job related actions like edit job, clone job, change status, publish job and delete job

Job details page
Candidate Pipeline

Candidate Pipeline for Each Job

Get candidate pipeline for each job with tabs for sourced, submitted, interviewed, offered, hired and rejected candidates. Also, select candidates and take quick actions like submitting to the company, schedule interview, make an offer, make a placement, reject candidate or organization related action like add to hot list, send mail, export to excel and export zip.

Attribute-Based Job Filtering

Easily search through jobs based on job code, job title, company, employment type, job owners and date added.

Attribute filtering

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