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Automated Job Posting and Candidate Submissions

With RecruitX you also get a career page that we integrate with your corporate website’s job openings section. So the next time you create a job and publish it, it will also be published on your website, saving you the time and trouble of creating the job again on your website. And when a candidate applies for a job they automatically get added in the RecruitX job pipeline, once again saving your time and effort.We provide you with customizable, mobile-friendly and SEO friendly state of the art career websites.

Career page customization

You can easily customize how the career page looks by changing any of the form field labels, header style, header color and theme color and make it consistent with your brand and website theme.

Publishing Jobs on Career Page

When you create a job you also get an option of publishing it instantly to your career website or remove it from your career website. Using the publish option you can instantly publish it on your career page.

Candidate applications from career page

Any candidate application coming from Career website gets automatically added to the Job. Appropriate stakeholders of the Job are automatically notified as well. Candidates have an option of easily applying using our LinkedIn Apply or Indeed Apply integration.

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