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Insightful Reporting for Performance & Process Optimization

What truly differentiates RecruitX from many other Applicant Tracking Systems is the extensive analytics and reporting options which not only help you keep track of your process and optimize them but also provide insights for better business decision making. We have various reporting clusters that help you keep track of candidates, jobs, companies, leads, opportunities, recruiter, sales, vendors, career website and other miscellaneous items which provide 40+ different reports.Additionally, you can configure any of the reports to be delivered to relevant stakeholder automatically via inbox at a set frequency.

360-degree view of all activities and performance

Whether you want to find out all the candidates submitted and hired from specific sources or you want to find out the hiring performance of your recruiters and vendors or you want to find out how many leads have converted into client or how many opportunities have converted into jobs, RecruitX provides analytics for all the activities and performance metrics.

Automated report delivery to your inbox

All our report have the option of getting them delivered directly to your email inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so that you can keep track of your and your team’s performance without ever having to log in to the software.

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